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LEEP Procedure Q & A

What Does LEEP Stand for?

“LEEP,” which means “Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure,” is a procedure performed to excise or cut away abnormal areas of the cervix. A short wire loop that has electricity passing through it is used to cut away the abnormal cells. This procedure is less invasive than others that are used to remove sections of the cervix when abnormal cells are discovered. The LEEP procedure can be used to remove very small areas with exacting precision virtually eliminating the possibility for error.

How Does It Work?

The thin, wire loop used in the LEEP procedure has a mild electric current flowing through it. As the wire cuts away the abnormal tissue, the electricity that is flowing through the wire will then cauterize or burn the tissue, sealing it and dramatically reducing the risk of infection. Because the wire has an electrical current running through it, it moves through the tissue very easily, slicing away small areas at a time. The LEEP procedure can be used to gather small samples for biopsies, or it can be used to remove abnormal tissues that may be the result of an infection or other condition.

Who Can Benefit From the Procedure?

The LEEP procedure offers benefits to almost anyone who chooses to use it. It is a relatively non-invasive procedure, which means only a local anesthetic is usually needed. The healing time is relatively fast, and a woman can return to work within a few days of having the procedure performed. The procedure can be used to collect tissues for biopsies, remove small growths, or excise abnormal cells. Women who have a history of abnormal cells can benefit from the LEEP procedure’s cauterizing effect because it seals and protects the remaining tissues, reducing the risk of infection and prompting faster healing.

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