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Ultrasounds Q & A

How Does an Ultrasound Work?

Ultrasound images are created when sound waves pass through the body and bounce back toward a transducer, providing a viable image that can be used for several diagnostic purposes. An ultrasound or sonogram can be used to detect abnormalities in a fetus, growth patterns and even the sex of the unborn child. Doctors will often perform an ultrasound to ensure the baby is growing properly and is meeting all of the growth markers for the period of gestation. During high-risk pregnancies, the doctor may recommend an ultrasound once a month or more during the last trimester of the pregnancy to ensure the baby is healthy.

When Is an Ultrasound Used?

Ultrasounds are used for many different reasons. During the first few months, an ultrasound is used to determine the size and weight of the child and provide the doctor with an accurate due date. Ultrasounds performed during other times can provide the doctor with valuable information about how the fetus is growing. As the child continues to develop, the gender of the child becomes apparent, as will any abnormalities that may appear as the child continues to develop. Ultrasounds may also be used to determine possible problems the mother may be having during the pregnancy, such as cysts on the ovaries.

What Are the Possible Side Effects?

Ultrasounds have virtually zero side effects. An ultrasound is non-invasive and does not require any type of medication. The most discomfort many women feel during the test is the urgent need to urinate. For an ultrasound to be accurate, the bladder must be full. The test only takes a few minutes, after which the woman can use the restroom. If the ultrasound is performed vaginally, the woman may have a reaction to the gel used to lubricate the probe, but for the most part, no other medications, lotions or creams are used during the performance of the test.

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